CHILDREN - Earth's Greatest Resource
"Helping orphans has been a lifelong passion of Tammy’s . Having been born an orphan back in the 60’s, she went through foster care as well as the adoption process here in the United States. Though she felt as an outsider looking in most of her life since she was placed within a family of children who were naturally born to the parents, she nevertheless, feels blessed that she had a roof over her head and food to eat. “We don’t realize how many orphans there are in the world today that have absolutely nothing and rely solely on the good will of others,” says Tammy. Having a family of her own was of high importance to her. Being able to overcome the possibilities of infertility due to cancer cells within her reproductive organs, Tammy and her husband Bruce were ecstatic to welcome the birth of their daughter in 2006. Feeling as if her life is bountiful she is giving back to the world through being an avid volunteer serving as a Director for G2OK, helping orphans in need. She has personally provided and delivered care packages and supplies to orphans in Mexico and Namibia. She feels that providing personal attention in the form of a party for the orphans is integral to providing hope for children. Tammy is thrilled to be working with G2OK to educate others on orphan need, fundraise and visit these forgotten children."

My official Mrs. Western Hemisphere video, I hope you enjoy it!

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After studying the Iditarod for my daughter's school, my whole family became very interested in this race.  You can read more about the history of the Iditarod here:

I was thrilled to participate in the 2017 Iditarod and am already looking forward to the 2018 race!  We now officially sponsor musher Robert Redington and are very excited about helping this young man achieve his dreams.  Mush on!

Anchorage, Alaska....Beads of Courage.  This organization is simply tremendous.  Helping children through their journeys with cancer....being a mother, I can't even imagine.  I was honored to carry beads with me on my Iditarod journey: the beads which I as well as mushers carried, go back to the children and are given to them at various difficult treatment times.  My heart hurts for these children and their families.  I can only pray that through the help of this organization, these children find relief and are cured of cancer.
Yes, The Denver Center for Performing Arts was the home to this year's Mrs. Colorado America Pageant.  I knew many of the ladies competing and had to go cheer the pageant sisters on.  It's a tradition in our home for my daughter and I to make a mother/daughter night of it by going to dinner and then watching the live pageant.  The ladies were absolutely stunning!
One of my favorite destinations is South Africa.  My family and I were honored to participate in the Wild Game and Cats Sanctuary activities....supporting the work they do in preserving wildlife.  The lions were 4 months old and getting to the age of being a bit much to handle.
Children - the earth's future and greatest resource.  I love volunteering for the elementary school, especially on field trips.  We took a trip to the Denver Museum and were able to watch a documentary/movie on conservation as well as tour the museum.  We were lucky enough to spend time in the space center and at the gem exhibits.  I taught the kids about different gem stones and where they could be found in the World.  What a day!